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An Interview with twobirds

1 Jun

After seeing an episode of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings that featured twobirds bridesmaid dresses, I immediately Googled the company, as I was intrigued about the dresses that you can wear 15 ways. Founder Ariane Goldman was nice enough to answer a few of my questions!

Tell us, how did twobirds get started? How did you think of the name “twobirds”?  twobirds began when I was planning my wedding and realized there was nothing out there for my bridesmaids with various body types. I had a vintage Norma Kamali dress that wrapped in various ways, and I thought that’s exactly what I wanted for my friends- for them to look similar but have individuality to flatter their different body types.  “twobirds” comes from the notion that you are killing two birds with one dress since you are wearing it again after the wedding.

What is the design process? From where (or who or what) do you draw your inspiration? Comfort. I like the idea of women being at ease in their outfit and body, as that’s where the biggest smiles come from.

Who are your favorite designers? Are they mostly bridal or high fashion, mass retail, etc. I love Philip Lim, Stella MCartney, TopShop, Lanvin, and I wear a lot of vintage.  I think mixing and matching pieces from high-end and vintage. It is a great way to express versatile style.

How does your personal style & taste reflect in the designs? Comfort, ease, liking to be covered up one moment and a bit revealing the next. The twobirds dresses allow you to be all of those things, depending on how you wrap it.

Have you encountered any “bridezillas” or even “bridesmaidzillas” over the years? All the time! But it’s of no bother as I’ve been there too and the wedding is the most important day of most girls lives thus far.  Hopefully, the twobirds dresses can put them at ease as all of her friends will be smiling.

What is next for twobirds? HATCH by twobirds which consists of dresses that pregnant women can invest in and wear again after the baby comes, just like you can wear the bridesmaid dresses after the wedding.

Thank you, Ariane! Check out their website (which is adorable, btw) for much more and to see all of the dresses.

Bridesmaid Trade

9 May

In perusing various bridesmaid oriented blogs and sites, I stumbled upon Bridesmaid Trade and was immediately intrigued. A site to buy and sell “gently-worn” bridesmaid dresses, owners Jeanette and Kathryn took the time to answer some questions. Thanks, ladies!

1. Tell us, how did Bridesmaid Trade get started?

Jeanette: The idea for Bridesmaid Trade came from Kathryn, who was a bridesmaid several times in a few months, and then wondered what she was going to do with all the dresses! She saw a lot of her friends in the same situation so she wanted to create an online marketplace where women could buy and sell gently worn-bridesmaid dresses.

Kathryn: I connected with Jeanette in the summer of 2009, who has a background in business, and we launched Bridesmaid Trade together in the summer of 2010.

2. What is the process for trading?

Kathryn: There are now three ways to use Bridesmaid Trade to make your wedding more beautiful, affordable, and eco-friendly!

  1. SELL: If you have a bridesmaid dress sitting in your closet, sell your bridesmaids dress through Bridesmaid Trade. It only takes a few minutes to create a dress post using our simple online form. Once the dress is bought by a visitor to our site, you will receive instructions for sending the dress to the buyer. If the dress arrives in the condition described in the post, you will receive a check in 1-2 weeks.
  2. BUY: If you’re looking for a bridesmaid dress, search our inventory to buy the one you need for only 40-60% of full price! You can also email us at administrator@bridesmaidtrade.com if you’re looking for a specific dress, and we can reach out to our network to help you find it.
  3. RENT: Bridesmaid Trade just introduced a rental line that allows women to rent bridesmaid dresses starting at just $30!  We love these chic, classic dresses.

3. What are the benefits of using Bridesmaid Trade?

Jeanette: By using Bridesmaid Trade, you can make your wedding affordable and beautiful. Bridesmaid dresses in event-ready condition are available on our site for 40-60% off retail price. Plus, it’s eco-friendly. Every bridesmaid dress worn again means that resources don’t need to be used up to make a new dress.

Kathryn: With our rental line, I love that a bridesmaid can find a great dress for less than the cost of a mani-pedi.

4. Are there ever any dresses that you see that you want to keep for yourself?

Jeanette: Yes, definitely! For example, I LOVE this Jenny Yoo dress in Terracotta ($85, originally $289):

From our rental line, I love the J.Crew Sophia Dress in Silk Tricotine (only $30 per rental!). I am planning to wear it to a friend’s wedding this summer:

Kathryn: This Bari Jay bridesmaids dress in Wisteria with a petal skirt is so cute. And it’s only $80, brand new!

5. What is next for Bridesmaid Trade?

Jeanette: We just introduced our rental line this spring, so we’re still working on getting the word out about this new service.

Kathryn: We would love to hold a contest to let bridesmaids vote for the next set of dresses we should buy next for our rental line!

Jeanette and Kathryn are happy to answer your questions about Bridesmaid Trade at administrator@bridesmaidtrade.com.

Like what you see? Follow Bridesmaid Trade on facebook.com/bridesmaidtrade and twitter.com/bridesmaidtrade, too! 

**Update!  Bridesmaid Trade is offering 2 free tickets to see the movie Bridesmaids this weekend!  All you have to do is go to their Facebook page and follow these steps- Good luck! The photo with the most Likes wins!

  •  If you’re already a BT fan, simply post a picture of you – or the bridal party – in the bridesmaid dress that’s been your favorite, in a comment on the wall at www.facbeook.com/bridesmaidtrade. If you’re new to Bridesmaid Trade, simply “Like” the page first, and then you can add your post.
  • Invite your friends to “Like” your picture. You can “Share” it from the wall once it’s posted on the Bridesmaid Trade wall. One easy way to share it with friends is to “@add” some of the other bridesmaids from the wedding who might also be in the picture.