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How to: Bridal Shower Bowquet/Bouquet

18 May

Before Saturday’s shower, my friends and I Googled how to make the bouquet- or bowquet, as it will be called in this post- at the bridal shower. I had seen one created at my step-sister in law’s shower a little over a year ago, and now it was my job to create the bowquet for the future Mrs. R.

The bowquet is an important and long standing tradition at bridal showers. It’s the bouquet that the bride will carry for the rehearsal dinner- it’s special, a one of a kind.

How to:

  1. Get a strong paper plate- we used Chinette- and poke several holes.
  2. Thread one ribbon through one of the holes, leaving a long hanging piece that will be be “stem”. Create a knot where the ribbon meets the hole.
  3. Tie the ribbon in big bow at the top to create the “flower”.
  4. If you have a sticker ribbon, simply stick on top of the plate.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3/4 until plate is full!
  6. Use a stray piece of ribbon to tie the “stems” together.

Tips & tricks:

  1. Don’t get too nervous in the beginning of how the bowquet will turn out. To start out, I only had 2 sticky bows and no ribbon! As time went on, more ribbon bows came my way.
  2. Save everything you are given. I ended up using extra silver ribbon to reinforce a sticky bow that just wouldn’t stay.
  3. Use a knife, not scissors to poke the holes for the ribbon. I got a bit too reckless and ended up getting a “paper” cut a.k.a slicing my finger with the scissors. You have more control with the knife.
  4. Hold on to the prettiest, most unique bows to use last. I placed a unique silver and gold bow and pretty flower in the center when I finished using the majority of the bows.
  5. Be creative!

finished product!