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Bachelorette Favor: Mixtape

9 Aug

For the future Mrs. A’s bachelorette, I wanted to give a favor to each of the girls who attended. I had seen a favor mix-tape for a wedding on the blog Silver Lining last year. I book-marked the page, knowing I wanted to do something like this for a bachelorette.

A few weeks before the bachelorette, I emailed all of the girls attending asking them to send me a song or two that reminded them of the bride in some way, with a note about the memory/song. I told them I was making a gift for the bride. I had made a list of a few I wanted to add in honor of her engagement, the bachelorette, and the wedding.  Most of the girls responded, and I was able to put together the playlist. I had my brother, who has helped me with all of my DIY paper products this wedding season, create the CD cover using the city-line image that was on the bachelorette invitation.

I listed the songs in chronological order and put a little note next to each one. I then tied a pink ribbon with a fake ring around each to give to the guests.

Real Bachelorette: future Mrs. A

8 Aug
Here are some photos I have been meaning to post of the bachelorette I organized for the future Mrs. A.
Ten of us girls went out in Boston for drinks & dancing. Starting with a pre-game with games and drinks at the Seaport Hotel, we then moved on to dinner at Papagayo, a new tequila cantina restaurant. Dancing and a now-infamous bachelorette dare card game ensued. The bride was a bit under the weather the next day, and while I felt bad, I couldn’t help but smile knowing we showed her a good time on her “last night” as a single lady. 😉
Sambuca for cheers-ing, in honor of a tradition in the bride’s family.
Panty line game- bride had to guess who brought which. It was A LOT of fun to see her try!
With the correctly guessed panty from me!
All ready to head out!
Dinner at Papagayo‘s Tequila Table.
Ladies out and about.
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.
Bachelorette dare card game.
Getting serenaded….”how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world”.

Future Mrs. R’s Bachelorette: scavenger hunt & other bachelorette games

15 Jun

The future Mrs. R did an awesome job Saturday night fulfilling nearly all of the scavenger hunt tasks we assigned to her- see the list here. 

get a picture with a sailor

slow dance with someone

make a veil out of toilet paper and wear it

take a picture of you and "{insert hubby's name} in 40 years"

I recommend doing a scavenger hunt, as it was so much fun for both the bridesmaids and the bride!

We played 2 other bachelorette games.

Forbidden words: we thought of a list of words that the bride couldn’t say. If she did, she had to take a drink. We would tell her she said a word a little after she said it, so it wasn’t so obvious what the word was. They were her future hubby’s name, “marriage”, and others.

Bachelorette napkin trivia: this was a ton of fun. Each of us answered the questions about the bride and then she read out the correct answer/we kept score. Get the napkins at iParty.

What bachelorette games have you played?

Future Mrs. R’s Bachelorette: Neon theme

14 Jun

This past weekend my friend’s bachelorette in Newport, RI went off without a hitch, except for some rain that was out of our control. 😉

The theme for the bachelorette pregame was neons. We bought neon sunglasses, glow bracelets, glow straws, shot glasses, etc.  The theme began with the weekend itinerary that we put together. I found this image of neon glasses and cut/pasted into the doc with a bachelorette image.

This same header was used for the scavenger hunt list and list of “Forbidden Words” (one of the games we played where the bride couldn’t certain words or she had to drink).

We arrive in Newport Friday night, and after exploring the town and shopping on Saturday, Saturday night was the real “bachelorette”. We all got ready in the room but sent the bride outside to set up all the neon decor.

Tomorrow, I’ll share all of the scavenger hunt pictures! The bride did a very good job and completed nearly all of them.

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

10 Jun

With my friend’s bachelorette this weekend in Newport, RI, the other bridesmaids and I have been putting together a fun scavenger hunt for Saturday night. I found a few that were a bit too inappropriate, but this one (just $1.69 on Amazon.com!) was pretty good to work off of.

Here’s our list:

1. Get a free drink from a bartender.

2. Get asked for your ID.

3. Find the shortest guy and dance with him. Find the tallest guy and dance with him.

4. Make a bridal veil from toilet paper and wear it.  (reallly hope she does this!)

5. Get a picture with preppiest guy you can find.

6. Take a knee.

7. Get a piggy-back ride.

8. Dance on stage and get strangers to go up & dance with you. Extra points for a line dance of some sort.

9. Get someone to propose to you.

10.Take a picture of you and “{insert hubby’s name} in 40 years”

11. Slow dance with a “sailor” . (It’s the New York Yacht Club’s Annual Regatta this weekend.)

12. Take home a coaster & matchbook from the bar.

13. Use your cheesiest pick-up line on a stranger.

Have you done a bachelorette scavenger hunt? If so, what did you ask the bride to do?

Bachelorette T-shirts

7 Jun

My friend’s bachelorette party is this Saturday night in Boston.  In researching fun party items, I found a bunch of t-shirts to outfit the bride’s entourage for her last night on the town.

Bar crawl

Last rodeo

Drinking team

Classic bridesmaid

CafePress.com and BridalPartyTees.com seemed to have the best and most variety of options.

Did you get t-shirts for a bachelorette party? If so, where did you get them or did you make your own, personalized shirts?

Playlist: Country Girls Night Out

23 May

I am going to Nashville this weekend and can’t help but have country songs on remix.  If your bride is a country gal, like me and my friends are, throw her a  bachelorette ho-down complete with cowboy boots, Cowboy Cocktail, and this playlist.

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Guest post: DIY Bachelorette Buttons

20 May

I am so excited for Kate from Domestikated Life blog to show us the buttons she made for a bachelorette weekend.

Thanks, Jaime, for inviting me to share the buttons I made for a recent bachelorette weekend.The bride-to-be we were celebrating didn’t want a traditional bachelorette party with hot pinks and zebra prints and feather boas, (if you’ve ever been in the wedding aisle at a party store then you know exactly what I mean!), so I had to get creative with decorations and favors to keep the event festive, but not too girly.

To make these pins I bought a few packages of 2.25″ clear buttons at the craft store (you can purchase them online too).

Next, I made a template for the design, printed the images on a sheet of paper, and cut out each piece to fit inside the button.

Finally I added a little sparkle and replaced the “O” with a diamond-ring sticker, you can find similar ones in the scrapbooking section of your craft store. I made one extra special pin for the bride-to- be and we tacked it on her gift bag.

They were a big hit; we scattered them with Mardi-Gras beads around the table and let guests pin them on to their shirts or necklaces as they came in.

Thank you Kate for sharing this fun DIY!  Want to make your own?  Download them here!

Playlist: Bachelorette Beach Bash

25 Apr

Planning the Bachelorette party is one of the best parts of being a bridesmaid. With summer wedding season coming up, the beach will be a popular desitination to celebrate a bride’s “last night” as a single lady.  Whether you are lounging with your toes in the sand or having some pre-dinner champagne at the hotel, here are some tunes to sing along to:

Download a CD label too!