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Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

10 Jun

With my friend’s bachelorette this weekend in Newport, RI, the other bridesmaids and I have been putting together a fun scavenger hunt for Saturday night. I found a few that were a bit too inappropriate, but this one (just $1.69 on Amazon.com!) was pretty good to work off of.

Here’s our list:

1. Get a free drink from a bartender.

2. Get asked for your ID.

3. Find the shortest guy and dance with him. Find the tallest guy and dance with him.

4. Make a bridal veil from toilet paper and wear it.  (reallly hope she does this!)

5. Get a picture with preppiest guy you can find.

6. Take a knee.

7. Get a piggy-back ride.

8. Dance on stage and get strangers to go up & dance with you. Extra points for a line dance of some sort.

9. Get someone to propose to you.

10.Take a picture of you and “{insert hubby’s name} in 40 years”

11. Slow dance with a “sailor” . (It’s the New York Yacht Club’s Annual Regatta this weekend.)

12. Take home a coaster & matchbook from the bar.

13. Use your cheesiest pick-up line on a stranger.

Have you done a bachelorette scavenger hunt? If so, what did you ask the bride to do?