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Guest post on Perpetually Engaged

10 Oct


Behold BHLDN guest post

On September 27, I guest posted for Nikki at Perpetually Engaged! Check out my new fall picks from Anthropologie’s BHLDN. Thanks to Nikki for having me!

More Wedding Speech Tips

29 Aug

I posted a bunch of tips earlier this summer for making a maid of honor wedding toast/speech. With my big MOH toast just 5 days away, the nerves are really setting in. The speech is written and I’ve practiced a few times, as practice makes perfect!, but I am now getting nervous for how I am going to be during the toast. Will I cry too much or shake too much?  I know a sip of champagne…or two, or three, or four…will help calm my nerves, but can I really make it through it!?

I found this How to Write a Wedding Toast post on A Practical Wedding, that really helped me write/format my speech.  They suggest splitting the toast into four parts:

Part 1: I love you both so much.
Part 2: A lovely anecdote about the couple’s relationship and how awesome they are. (This should be the bulk of your speech.)
Part 3: I hope you are always as happy, joyous, and in love as that moment. OR This proves how madly in love you two are. May you continue to be an inspiration to us all. Etc.
Part 4. (Actually make the toast.) Everyone drinks!

I am also heeding the advice to keep it short and sweet, not only for the listeners’ sake, but my own!

Wish me luck!

image via Etsy

More Varying Bridesmaid Dresses

12 Aug

Discussed here previously, what do you think of varying bridesmaids dresses in a wedding party? Check out the bridal parties in these two recent weddings: the first from Naomi at Rockstar Diaries, the second posted on Lovely Little Details.

I love the vintage feeling of both of these weddings, and the bridal parties connect due to the fact that they are carrying the same flowers.

Engagement Gifts

3 Aug

Even before the wedding, there’s the engagement!  These diamond ring measuring spoons and diamond paperweight are cute engagement gifts to give your best friend, sister, work friend, etc. Not only will she have the ring on her finger, but she can have one in the kitchen and at work.

Etsy Find: Mr. & Mrs. Pillows

19 Jul

I love these Mr. & Mrs. pillows I found on Etsy as a wedding or shower gift!  The price is right at just under $62, and it would be a cute addition to any couple’s love seat or bedroom.  The seller is also willing to just create pillow cases for less money. Isn’t the font so whimsical?!

PS: It’s been a while!  Stay tuned tomorrow…. finally posting wedding #1 pics from Saturday, July 9th!

Bridesmaid print

13 Jun

Isn’t this such a sweet (and true) canvas from Etsy shop Peace, Love, and Cupcakes?

found via Novelista Barista

An Interview with twobirds

1 Jun

After seeing an episode of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings that featured twobirds bridesmaid dresses, I immediately Googled the company, as I was intrigued about the dresses that you can wear 15 ways. Founder Ariane Goldman was nice enough to answer a few of my questions!

Tell us, how did twobirds get started? How did you think of the name “twobirds”?  twobirds began when I was planning my wedding and realized there was nothing out there for my bridesmaids with various body types. I had a vintage Norma Kamali dress that wrapped in various ways, and I thought that’s exactly what I wanted for my friends- for them to look similar but have individuality to flatter their different body types.  “twobirds” comes from the notion that you are killing two birds with one dress since you are wearing it again after the wedding.

What is the design process? From where (or who or what) do you draw your inspiration? Comfort. I like the idea of women being at ease in their outfit and body, as that’s where the biggest smiles come from.

Who are your favorite designers? Are they mostly bridal or high fashion, mass retail, etc. I love Philip Lim, Stella MCartney, TopShop, Lanvin, and I wear a lot of vintage.  I think mixing and matching pieces from high-end and vintage. It is a great way to express versatile style.

How does your personal style & taste reflect in the designs? Comfort, ease, liking to be covered up one moment and a bit revealing the next. The twobirds dresses allow you to be all of those things, depending on how you wrap it.

Have you encountered any “bridezillas” or even “bridesmaidzillas” over the years? All the time! But it’s of no bother as I’ve been there too and the wedding is the most important day of most girls lives thus far.  Hopefully, the twobirds dresses can put them at ease as all of her friends will be smiling.

What is next for twobirds? HATCH by twobirds which consists of dresses that pregnant women can invest in and wear again after the baby comes, just like you can wear the bridesmaid dresses after the wedding.

Thank you, Ariane! Check out their website (which is adorable, btw) for much more and to see all of the dresses.

Summer kick-off weekend=wedding season kick-off!

30 May

Happy Memorial Day!  It’s the official start of summer, which means wedding season has officially begun, as well!

So tell me, how many weddings are you in this summer, where are they, and what are you wearing?

My first wedding is in Quincy, MA in July. I am wearing a bright blue dress from Priscilla of Boston.

My second wedding is in Portland, ME, Labor Day weekend. I am wearing a navy dress from Aria.

My third wedding is in Stowe, Vermont at the end of September. I am wearing a peachy/pink dress from Allegria Bridal.

Opinion: Varying Bridesmaids Dresses

27 May

I’ve seen bridal parties with varying bridesmaids dresses, meaning the bridesmaids all wear a different dress- either unique styles in the same shade/fabric

via Green Wedding Shoes

or completely different dresses in the same color

via Style Me Pretty Destinations

or completely different dresses that somehow all go.

via The Wedding Chicks

What do you think of this option? Personally, I am a perfectionist and would want to be in the same dress as the other girls to be unified (perhaps I should say, anal, not a a perfectionist, haha). Then again, having the choice to pick my dress is nice; one of my brides let us choose our own dress in the same color & designer.

Do you appreciate having the option to pick your own dress, or do you think the bride should just do what she wants to do?

Will you be my _________?

26 May

Will you be my maid of honor?

Will you be my bridesmaid?

These are such exciting words that many of you readers have probably heard!  Here is how I got asked…

Bride #1: She texted me that she was engaged and the conversation went something like this-

Future Mrs. L: I’m engaged!!! AHHHHHH!!!


Future Mrs. L: AHHHHH will you be a bridesmaid? AHHHH


Bride #2: She got engaged on a Saturday, and on Sunday night, I got a phone call where she sweetly asked me to be a bridesmaid.

Bride #3: We had made a pact a few years ago to be each other’s MOH’s. So when she got engaged in Maine last summer, the following week, I went over to celebrate with champagne. We hugged, and she said, “well….so….will you be my maid of honor?”, and I screamed and jumped up & down “Yes yes!”. Then we jumped up and down, hugging more.

All 3 moments were so special.

How did you get asked to be in your bride’s bridal party?

Was it a card?

Card from BHLDN

Card from Classy Bride

Card from The Knot

Or was it some way more unique?

Kerchiefs from BHLDN

Cookie via Solutions Bridal

Please share!