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Mission MOH speech: Complete!

8 Sep

On Saturday I finally gave my maid of honor speech at the A’s wedding! I was very nervous about the speech leading up to my moment. I went through several drafts and couldn’t have done it without the proof-reading help of my mom and brother (thank you!).

(that’s me!)

I started out with a story of how the bride and I met, continued on into how friendship has grown, then included thoughts about her now husband. I ended using the first few lines from the poem I Carry Your Heart by e.e. Cummings .

I had a bit of trouble with the microphone, but overall was very happy with how the speech turned out- I got lots of compliments after too!  I didn’t cry but was shaking some- as I predicted. These toast giving tips (here and here) really helped, and the only thing I would say is practice, practice, practice! I only did a few times and once in front of the mirror. If I do it again, practicing will be my mantra. Also- have fun! I had to remind myself why I was giving this speech and it helped me not to be so scared.

PS: It’s been a while(!) and now that the craziness of my summer weddings is nearly over- just one more to go on September 24th- I will be posting more regularly. I have lots to share with you!

Skincare Tips: 30 Days til the Wedding

9 Jun

Today marks the 1 month mark until my first friend’s wedding.  That means 1 month until I have to still fit into the dress and have to make sure my skin is blemish free. The skincare is giving me the most anxiety, in that a pimple could come the day before- or heaven forbid- the morning of the wedding and what will I do!? I too will be in pictures and in front of 200 people like the bride.

 I did some research and need to remember these tips for keeping my skin “clean, clear, and under control”– thank you, Clean & Clear!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! H2O, you are my new best friend.  Staying clear of alcohol and my much-needed morning cup of coffee is going to be tough, but I will keep drinking water as much as possible throughout the day.
  2. Sunscreen, you are my second best friend. With the big day just a week after the Fourth of July weekend, I need to keep my SPF 45 on me constantly to avoid a quite unattractive burn I got last year.
  3. Keep on using my spot treatments. If a zit does pop up, Clean & Clear’s and Proactiv are the ones I use.
  4. Start weekly exfoliating and keep on until 1 week before the wedding. Cleaning off the dead skin is important to keeping skin healthy.
  5. DO NOT change your skincare routine– It takes your skin a weeks to months to adjust and fully show the results of a new skincare product or regiment. This also includes any new hair products. See this interview and this WebMd article for more.
What other skincare tips do you have for leading up to the “big day”?

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How to: Bridal Shower Bowquet/Bouquet

18 May

Before Saturday’s shower, my friends and I Googled how to make the bouquet- or bowquet, as it will be called in this post- at the bridal shower. I had seen one created at my step-sister in law’s shower a little over a year ago, and now it was my job to create the bowquet for the future Mrs. R.

The bowquet is an important and long standing tradition at bridal showers. It’s the bouquet that the bride will carry for the rehearsal dinner- it’s special, a one of a kind.

How to:

  1. Get a strong paper plate- we used Chinette- and poke several holes.
  2. Thread one ribbon through one of the holes, leaving a long hanging piece that will be be “stem”. Create a knot where the ribbon meets the hole.
  3. Tie the ribbon in big bow at the top to create the “flower”.
  4. If you have a sticker ribbon, simply stick on top of the plate.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3/4 until plate is full!
  6. Use a stray piece of ribbon to tie the “stems” together.

Tips & tricks:

  1. Don’t get too nervous in the beginning of how the bowquet will turn out. To start out, I only had 2 sticky bows and no ribbon! As time went on, more ribbon bows came my way.
  2. Save everything you are given. I ended up using extra silver ribbon to reinforce a sticky bow that just wouldn’t stay.
  3. Use a knife, not scissors to poke the holes for the ribbon. I got a bit too reckless and ended up getting a “paper” cut a.k.a slicing my finger with the scissors. You have more control with the knife.
  4. Hold on to the prettiest, most unique bows to use last. I placed a unique silver and gold bow and pretty flower in the center when I finished using the majority of the bows.
  5. Be creative!

finished product!

Get your legs dress worthy & ready

22 Apr

This week Refinery 29 posted tips and tricks to get ready for summer with killer legs. After a long, long winter, most of us are feeling and seeing the effects of winter– dry, “white as a ghost” skin.  Ok, maybe it’s just me.  With wedding season approaching, R29 names 3 key steps to getting your legs ready- keep these in mind when preparing for the wedding day.

Step 1: Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells for a blank canvas for steps 2 and 3. R29 recommends Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate Body scrub; I like Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish.

Step 2: Moisturize!  This can’t be stressed enough as dry skin doesn’t take self-tanner well and causes streaking. I like Aveeno’s Positively Nourishing– smells great and is not too thick or greasy.  R29 also encourages using anti-cellulite products. I’ve found these don’t work, but if nothing else, it’s a moisturizer.

Step 3: Self-tan from a bottle, not in a booth. If you read Wednesday’s post, I love and recommend Tan Towels. R29 mentions Michael Kors Leg Shine– I have wanted to purchase and try.

How do you get your legs dress worthy?