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Real Bridal Showers: The Future Mrs. A

28 Jul
This weekend’s showers in Maine for the future Mrs. A were such fun. As the maid of honor, I am throwing her a small Boston shower for her (our) friends down here in a couple of weeks. The bride has quite a large family, so each side hosted a shower this past weekend. Myself and another bridesmaid (also my roommate) went up to celebrate.
Saturday started with a English-themed shower, where fascinators were a must!
Sunday’s was a shower brunch complete with a fabulous bellini/champagne bar! Let me tell you, I tried the peach bellini and the pomegranate…twice ūüėČ

Sunday’s shower had a cute idea for a “game”. The hosts put out a white apron and fabric markers, so each guest could write a short note to the bride-to-be. More useful and unique than a standard guest book, I love this idea!
My friend was in charge of making the bowquets– she did an amazing job!

Real Bridal Shower: Future Mrs. L

27 Jun

This past weekend I hosted my second bridal shower this year (here’s the first) with the fellow bridesmaids for my oldest friend Devon. We put in months of planning; I was so excited that the day was finally here! ¬†After mimosas and a lunch of salads & sandwiches, the bride opened many (many, many!) gifts and guests made their mark in the bridal shower¬†scrapbook I put together.

the bridesmaids with the bride- mimosa cheers!

One of the personalized paper signs


Drink bar- brides's special champagne glass

Scrapbook station - all from A.C. Moore

The page I made for the bride- found an old picture of us from the early 1990s!

Time to open gifts...

Her new monogrammed L.L.Bean tote from me

helping the bride with her new cake stand

with her bowquet

¬†Congrats to the future Mrs. L… Can’t wait for the bachelorette in August and the wedding in September!

Personalizing paper products

24 Jun

My friend’s bridal shower is tomorrow, and if you’re keeping track, that’s shower #2 of my planning (#3 I am hosting in early August). ¬†We picked out this pretty gray & white, with red accent text invitation from Pear Tree Greetings. To keep the theme going in the other paper products, my brother created two signs to print out and have at the shower. ¬†The is first an “in lieu of favors” sign, and the second is to encourage guests to make a scrapbook page for the bride in a scrapbook I got from A.C. Moore.

We are also planning to make small cards we can write each food item on. I love creating personal touches like this, while also keeping the theme throughout the shower.  White flowers and white & black accessories (like candle sticks and platters/bowls) will be used, as well.  Check back for pictures and details next week!

Have you created any personal details for a bridal shower?

Real Bridal Shower: Katy at Tangerine Hearts

2 Jun

Hello! My name is Katy Mary, and I blog over at TangerineHearts. I’m not only a blogger but also a future bride! After gushing about the lovely bridal shower my Mom & sister threw me, Jaime invited me to come and guest post here on 27 and 1 Dresses. I decided to share my favorite part of my bridal shower, and¬†any¬†bridal shower: the shower games!

No bridal shower is complete without some silly, maybe slightly embarrassing games. Shower games provide entertainment while also getting all of the party guests interacting with each other. It’s a great way to get everyone to mingle and laugh, a lot. The first game at my shower was played at my expense when¬†I was quizzed on how well I know my fiance with 15 trivia questions! I got 10 out of the 15 questions, not bad.

But my absolute favorite shower game? the¬†Wedding Dress Game!¬†The¬†game works¬†by breaking¬†your party up into teams- we did teams of 6- give everyone a few rolls of toilet paper, (yes toilet paper!) and then have them create wedding dresses using only the TP. Sounds ridiculous right? Well it kind of is, but it’s also¬†really¬†fun. The winner is whomever comes closest to what your actual wedding dress looks like.

We gave each team 10 minutes to complete their designs. Check out what they came up with!

Didn’t they do a great job? It’s amazing that you can do all that with a roll of toilet paper. Since some of my party guests already know what my dress looks like, we decided to award each lovely lady who allowed herself to be wrapped in toilet paper with a gift. We had a blast playing this game, and I’m sure you will too.

¬†Do you have any favorite shower games? I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks, Katy! I love the TP game… I may need to do that at one of the showers I have this summer.

Real Bridal Shower: Gerber Daisies in New Jersey

25 May

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing this beautiful New Jersey bridal shower. Melissa and the bride to be, Erica, are sorority sisters of mine, so I love seeing all these pictures!

A few weeks ago, I went to my friend Erica’s bridal shower in New Jersey.¬† Erica is my first friend to get married and has given me the opportunity to be a bridesmaid for the first time!¬† I was so excited when she handed me that cookie two summers ago with a rhyming poem asking me to be a bridesmaid.¬† Two years later, it’s finally happening.

Her mom organized the bridal shower and asked us bridesmaids to plan a few games. ¬†One bridesmaid volunteered to make a video with the¬†fianc√©e¬†based on the¬†game show¬†The Newlywed Game. ¬†She asked the¬†fianc√©e¬†a series of questions about Erica and recorded his answers. ¬†At the shower, we asked Erica the same questions and she had to answer how she thought her¬†fianc√©e¬†would answer. ¬†For every wrong answer, we planned to give her a piece of gum to chew. ¬†The idea was that by the end she’d have a giant wad of gum in her mouth. ¬†However; Erica got one out of 10 questions wrong! ¬†The game was a lot of fun anyways!

The second game we coordinated was a Bingo game.  The Bingo cards I made had answers to Erica trivia questions.  Guests had to know the answers to the questions and get five right in a row to win.  We had a few prizes for the first few guests to win.  Erica and the guests also loved this game and it was a fun way to share some fun and embarrassing trivia about the bride-to-be.

The bridesmaids took care of the games, and Erica’s mom planned the rest of the shower. ¬†It was held at¬†La Cippolina¬†in Freehold, NJ. ¬†She used gerbera daisies to decorate the place settings, the center pieces, and the cake.
With the shower invitation, she included a recipe card.  Guests brought their filled-out recipe card to the shower and placed it in a box for Erica.  Along with the cooking theme, her mom had guests sign a platter instead of a traditional sign-in book.  I loved this idea and plan on using it for future showers.
Everything went very smoothly during the shower.  Guests enjoyed wine for the first hour and then the Italian feast began.  We played the games between lunch courses.
Guests enjoyed cake while the bridesmaids helped Erica open her gifts. ¬†We created an assembly line to get through the gifts as fast as possible. ¬†My job was to create the bowquet – as Jaime coined it! ¬†Erica’s mom purchased a plastic tool to use which made my job pretty easy. ¬†I tied ribbons through each hole and used tape to secure each bow to make sure it will be in tact come rehearsal time in July.
The cake was one of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted too. ¬†It was a strawberry cake with two types of frosting between the layers, vanilla and strawberry. ¬†I wolfed it down after completing my bridesmaids duties. ¬†I also loved the tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries. ¬†Each guest received two of these giant treats.
Erica seemed to be floating on air the whole afternoon. ¬†I imagine she’ll be 5 feet off the ground on her wedding day!
I love the gerber daisy theme and great tips for the bowquet. Congrats, Erica!

Real Bridal Shower: Future Mrs. R

17 May

On Saturday, fellow bridesmaids and I hosted a bridal shower for the bride, the future Mrs. R. She is the first of the 3 weddings I am in this summer.

We used an invitation from Vistaprint.

The tree was used throughout the decor.

A menu of sandwiches, an Italian salad, olive dip & crackers were served along with wine and to finish- cupcakes from Wicked Sweet (vanilla, chocolate, and my fave, strawberry shortcake).

Decor included a DIY banner, peach-y & white mixed flowers in Italian soda bottles, and lanterns.

Opening presents was the main event, and I was in charge of creating the “bowquet”. ¬†It was my pride and joy!

my gift - L.L. Bean tote

The bridal party!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Real Bridal Shower & Inspiration: M Loves M Tea Party

29 Apr

Mara, bride to be and blogger of M Loves M, posted her bridal shower a couple weeks ago. The tea party shower was coordinated by her maid of honor, who nailed the overall theme with shabby chic details and mini finger foods.

Want to throw your own bridal tea party shower for your bride?

1. Go with a vintage, grown-up vibe and avoid the cheesey and childish, ala Disney.

2. Mix and match linens and table settings, but stay in the same color family.  A quick search on Ebay, and you can find inexpensive tea cup and saucer sets. Also try some thrift and vintage stores if there are ones near by to you.

3. The theme starts with the invitation.  Try this one by Vistaprint:

4. Serve the classics: cucumber sandwiches (easy to make and inexpensive), scones with jam, and of course, tea!

5. For the favor, gift attendees a little goody bag of a few mis-matched flavors of tea and this adorable tea caddy.