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Recipe: Summer Strawberry Salad

22 Jun

In the summer heat, I am all about eating no cook meals like fresh fruits and salads. For my friend’s bridal shower this weekend, we are serving a variety of salads: fruit, basic greens, and a strawberry greens salad.  Here is a sample 6 ingredient recipe for you to serve at your next bridal shower, dinner table, or to make and take to work for lunch.

Download the recipe here!

Feel free to share any other easy, fast, and inexpensive summer recipes in the comments!

Bridal Shower Playlist

6 Jun


I’m Annelise and I blog over at Quarterlife Lifestyle. I’ll be a bridesmaid for the 5th (!) time this summer and have been enjoying every minute of the planning process.

Have you ever noticed that there are some songs that seem like love songs, but then you listen to the lyrics and realize they’re not at all? Case in point: When a Man Loves a Woman. That’s not a song about good love!

So when I was charged last month with putting together a bridal shower playlist, I tried to listen carefully to every song to make sure it was actually positive. I came up with this list, which I’m happy to share with you! It’s a little bit reggae, a little pop, a little old school, and a lot of love. The playlist is hosted on Grooveshark, so you can easily stream it at your shower through the internet.

Do you know any other deceiving love songs? What songs would you add here? And am I misinterpreting any of these lyrics?

Thanks to Jaime for letting me guest post!


Thanks, Annelise! This is a great playlist that I will be using for my friend’s shower later this month.

Guest post: DIY Bachelorette Buttons

20 May

I am so excited for Kate from Domestikated Life blog to show us the buttons she made for a bachelorette weekend.

Thanks, Jaime, for inviting me to share the buttons I made for a recent bachelorette weekend.The bride-to-be we were celebrating didn’t want a traditional bachelorette party with hot pinks and zebra prints and feather boas, (if you’ve ever been in the wedding aisle at a party store then you know exactly what I mean!), so I had to get creative with decorations and favors to keep the event festive, but not too girly.

To make these pins I bought a few packages of 2.25″ clear buttons at the craft store (you can purchase them online too).

Next, I made a template for the design, printed the images on a sheet of paper, and cut out each piece to fit inside the button.

Finally I added a little sparkle and replaced the “O” with a diamond-ring sticker, you can find similar ones in the scrapbooking section of your craft store. I made one extra special pin for the bride-to- be and we tacked it on her gift bag.

They were a big hit; we scattered them with Mardi-Gras beads around the table and let guests pin them on to their shirts or necklaces as they came in.

Thank you Kate for sharing this fun DIY!  Want to make your own?  Download them here!

Playlist: Bachelorette Beach Bash

25 Apr

Planning the Bachelorette party is one of the best parts of being a bridesmaid. With summer wedding season coming up, the beach will be a popular desitination to celebrate a bride’s “last night” as a single lady.  Whether you are lounging with your toes in the sand or having some pre-dinner champagne at the hotel, here are some tunes to sing along to:

Download a CD label too!