Real Bachelorette: future Mrs. A

8 Aug
Here are some photos I have been meaning to post of the bachelorette I organized for the future Mrs. A.
Ten of us girls went out in Boston for drinks & dancing. Starting with a pre-game with games and drinks at the Seaport Hotel, we then moved on to dinner at Papagayo, a new tequila cantina restaurant. Dancing and a now-infamous bachelorette dare card game ensued. The bride was a bit under the weather the next day, and while I felt bad, I couldn’t help but smile knowing we showed her a good time on her “last night” as a single lady. 😉
Sambuca for cheers-ing, in honor of a tradition in the bride’s family.
Panty line game- bride had to guess who brought which. It was A LOT of fun to see her try!
With the correctly guessed panty from me!
All ready to head out!
Dinner at Papagayo‘s Tequila Table.
Ladies out and about.
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.
Bachelorette dare card game.
Getting serenaded….”how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world”.

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