Skincare Tips: 30 Days til the Wedding

9 Jun

Today marks the 1 month mark until my first friend’s wedding.  That means 1 month until I have to still fit into the dress and have to make sure my skin is blemish free. The skincare is giving me the most anxiety, in that a pimple could come the day before- or heaven forbid- the morning of the wedding and what will I do!? I too will be in pictures and in front of 200 people like the bride.

 I did some research and need to remember these tips for keeping my skin “clean, clear, and under control”– thank you, Clean & Clear!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! H2O, you are my new best friend.  Staying clear of alcohol and my much-needed morning cup of coffee is going to be tough, but I will keep drinking water as much as possible throughout the day.
  2. Sunscreen, you are my second best friend. With the big day just a week after the Fourth of July weekend, I need to keep my SPF 45 on me constantly to avoid a quite unattractive burn I got last year.
  3. Keep on using my spot treatments. If a zit does pop up, Clean & Clear’s and Proactiv are the ones I use.
  4. Start weekly exfoliating and keep on until 1 week before the wedding. Cleaning off the dead skin is important to keeping skin healthy.
  5. DO NOT change your skincare routine– It takes your skin a weeks to months to adjust and fully show the results of a new skincare product or regiment. This also includes any new hair products. See this interview and this WebMd article for more.
What other skincare tips do you have for leading up to the “big day”?

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